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Company Profile

MLG International is leading the market as a reputed exporter, supplier, wholesaler, distributor and manufacturer of various kinds of bags. Our company was founded in 2003, and today, we have attained paramount success in our domain. Located in West Bengal (India), we have carved a strong niche in international markets and gained an annual turnover of USD 2 Million. Our offered line of bags includes Jute Drawstring Bags, Bottle Bags In Canvas, Jute Bags For Grocery, Promotional Bags, Fashion Bags, Shopping Bags, Jute Bags and many others. We craft and stitch all these bags at our well-equipped production units and keep up to high market standards and our brand value.

Company Facts

Nature of Business

Exporter, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Distributor & Supplier

Year of Establishment


Company CEO

Amit Jaiswal

Legal Status of Firm

Proprietorship Firm

Location Type


Building Infrastructure


Size of Premises

1000 square feet

Space Around

Front porch

No. of Production Units


Monthly Production Capacity

2 Lakhs

Export Percentage


Annual Turnover

USD 2 Million

No. of Employees


Export Market


Quality Measures/Testing Facilities




Company Registration No




Customized Packaging



Standard Charted Bank

Original Equipment Manufacturer


Warehousing Facility


Payment Terms

  • D/A

  • D/P

  • L/C

  • T/T (Wire Transfer)

Payment Mode

  • Cash

  • Cheque

  • Credit Card

  • DD

  • Invoice

Shipment Mode

  • By Air

  • By Road

  • By Sea

Product Range

  • Cotton Bags
    • Cotton Laundry Bags
    • Cotton Shopping Bags
    • Fancy Cotton Bags
    • Trendy Cotton Bags
    • Color Printed Cotton Bags
    • Printed Logo Cotton Bags
    • Black Cotton Bags
    • Animal Print Cotton Bags
    • Color Printed Cotton Bags
    • Map Designed Cotton Bags
    • Cotton Bag With Multi-color Print
    • Ladies Cotton Bags
    • Blue Cotton Bags
    • Printed Cotton Bags
    • Cotton Bags Printed With Letters
    • Royal Cotton Bags
    • Cotton Bags With Different Style
    • Cotton Bags With Small Handle In Black
    • Cute Pink Cotton Bags With Long Handle
    • Smooth Cotton Bags
    • Black Bag With White Dots
    • Cotton Shoppers British Bags
    • Cotton Shopper Bags
    • Fashion Bag In Pink Color
    • Red Cotton Bags
    • London Bags Cotton In Canvas
    • Cotton Bags With Long Handle
    • Flower Cotton Bags
    • Cotton Bags With Human Picture
    • Cotton Bags With Pattern
  • Jute Bags
    • Laminated Jute Bags
    • Cord Handle Jute Bags
    • Colored Jute Bags
    • Pantone Color Jute Bags
    • Sky Blue Color Jute Bag
    • Fancy Jute Bags
    • Ladies Jute Bags
    • Printed Jute Bags
    • Designer Printed Jute Bags
    • Flower Print Jute Bags
    • Designer Jute Bags
    • Pink Checks Jute Bag
    • Red Small Jute Bags
    • Color Jute Bags
    • Jute Bags With Lather Handle
    • Small Jute Bags
    • Jute Bottle Bags
    • Multi Colors Jute Bags
    • Jute Shopper Bags
    • Printed Logo Jute Bags
    • Cord Handle Jute Bags
    • One Bottle Bags
    • Ladies Jute Bags Designed With Cotton
    • Jute Bags With Cyan Handle
    • Hand And Foot Printed Jute Bags
    • Cotton Handle Jute Bags
    • Jute Bags With Different Handle
  • Wine Bags
    • Two Bottle Wine Bags
    • One Bottle Wine Bags
    • Cord Handle Wine Bag
    • Big Wine Bag
    • Printed Wine Bag
    • Different Type Wine Bag
    • Fruit Printed Wine Bag
    • Deep Green Wine Bags
    • Single Bottle Wine Bag
    • Double Bottle Wine Bag
    • Triple Bottle Wine Bag
    • Tall Double Bottle Wine Bag
    • Thin Wine Bottle
    • Apple Cane Handle Wine Bags
    • Multi Space Wine Bag
    • Different Colored Wine Bag
    • Wide White Colored Wine Bag
    • Long Range Wine Bag
    • Bottle Printed Wine Bag
    • Long Red Color Wine Bag
    • Wine Printed Wine Bag
    • Heart Printed Wine Bag
    • Natural Color Wine Bag
    • Tall Wine Bag
    • Long Type Wine Bag
    • Different Digit Number Printed Wine Bag
    • Love Wine Bags
    • Three Bottle Wine Bags
  • Calico Bags
    • Black Calico Bag
    • Pink Calico Bag
    • Cream Color Calico Bag
    • Designing Calico Bag
    • Shopping Calico Bag
    • Long Handle Calico Bag
    • Orange Calico Bag
    • Plain Calico Bag
    • Amsterdam Calico Bag
    • John Nguyen Calico Bag
    • Red Colored Calico Bag
    • Flower Calico Bag
    • Puzzler Calico Bag
    • Green Calico Bag
    • Printed Pink Calico Bag
    • Lucaffe Calico Bag
    • London Calico Bag With Long Handle
    • Wide Range Calico Bag
    • Classic Calico Bag
    • May Day Printed Calico Bag In Yellow Color
    • Printed Pink Colored Calico Bag
    • Fashion Calico Bag In Pink Color
    • Yellow Calico Bag
    • Tall Type Wine Bottle
    • Picture Printed Calico Bag
    • Pictured Printed Calico Bag
    • Puzzler Printed Bag
    • Wide Calico Bag
    • Butterfly Printed Calico Bag
    • I Love Amsterdam Printed Calico Bag
    • Long Calico Bag
    • Bakery Printed Calico Bag
    • Orange Color Calico Bag
    • Blue Color Calico Bag
    • Multi Picture Printed Calico Bag 10 oz
    • Horse Printed Printed Calico Bag
    • Edeka Printed Calico Bag
  • Cotton Bread Bags
    • Cotton Bread Bags
    • Calico Bread Bags
    • Cotton Bread Bag
    • Cream Color Cotton Bread Bag
    • Royal Blue Color Cotton Bread Bag
  • Drawstring Bags
    • Dyed Drawstring Bags
    • Colorful Drawstring Bags
    • Cotton Drawstring Bags
    • Drawstring Bags with Embroidery
    • Jute Drawstring Small Bags
    • Jute Drawstring Bags
    • Satin Pouch
    • Small Drawstring Bags
    • Natural Color Drawstring Bag
    • Red Drawstring Bag in Jute
    • Orange Color Drawstring Bag
    • Green Drawstring Bag
    • Different Colored Drawstring Bag
    • Drawstring Bag with Lace
    • Nature Color Drawstring Bag
    • Small Size Drawstring Bags
    • Solaria Printed Drawstring Bag
    • Sweet Color Drawstring Bag
    • Jute Printed Drawstring Bag
    • Long Handle Drawstring Bag
    • Cream Color Drawstring Bag
    • Printed Drawstring Bags
    • White Drawstring Bag
    • Light Green Color Drawstring Bag
  • Christmas Bags
    • Christmas Jute Pouch
    • Christmas Pouch
    • Beautiful Christmas Bag
    • Cream Color Christmas Bag
    • London Pictured Christmas Bag
    • Red Color Christmas Bag
    • Long Christmas Bag
    • Nature Color Christmas Bag
    • Merry Christmas Printed Bag
    • Printed Sweet Christ Bag
    • White Christmas Bag
    • Red Pouch Christmas Bag
    • Cotton Christmas Bag
    • I Love London Print Christmas Bag
    • Red Handle Christmas Bag
    • Cream Color Christmas Pouch Bag
    • Wide Christmas Bag
    • Christmas White
    • Tomato Printed Christmas Bag
    • Red Christmas Bag
    • Cotton Christmas Bag with Xmas print
    • Christmas Bags
  • Promotional Bags
    • Promotional Jute Bags
    • Jute Promotional Bags
    • Plain Promotional Bag
    • Red Promotional Bag
    • Toto Promotional Bag
    • Yellow Promotional Bag
    • I Love Roma Printed Promotional Bags
    • I Love Turkey Promotional Bag
    • Orange Promotional Bag
    • Design Promotional Bag
    • Sun Flower Printed Promotional Bag
    • Fancy Promotional Bag
    • SFS Printed Promotional Bag
    • Picture Printed Promotional Bag
    • Printed Promotional Bag
    • Rectangular Size Promotional Bag
    • Embroidered Promotional Bag
    • Santa Printed Promotional Bag
    • Blue Promotional Bag
    • Flower Print Promotional Jute Bag
    • Wild Promotional Bag
    • News Paper Print Promotional Bag
    • Pictured Printed Promotional Bag
    • Natural Jute Promotional Bag
    • Green Promotional Bag
    • Leaves Printed Jute Promotional Bag
    • Velg Printed Green Promotional Jute Bag
    • Velg Printed Blue Promotional Jute Bag
    • London Promotional Bag in Jute
    • I love London Print Black Promotional Bag
    • Tape Handle Promotional Bag
    • Multi Color Promotional Bag
    • Mattress Design Promotional Bag
    • OPUS3 Printed Promotional Bag
    • I Love Theodora Printed Promotional Bag
    • Logo Promotional Bags
  • Juco Bags
    • Long Handle Promotional Bag in Juco
    • Juco Bags
    • Juco Cotton Bags
  • Jute Flower Packaging Bags
    • Flower Jute Bags
    • Flower Packaging Jute Bags
  • Ham Bags
    • Cotton Ham Bags
    • Cotton Meat Ham Bags
    • Ham Bags
  • Nonwoven Bags
    • Non Woven Bags
    • Four Bottle Non Woven Bag
    • KB Printed Non Woven Bag
    • Multi Color Non woven Bag
    • Six Color Non Woven Bag
    • Printed Non Woven Bag
    • Colorful Non Woven Bag
    • Orange Non Woven Bag
    • Non Woven Pouch Bag
    • Red Non woven Shopping Bag
    • Non Woven Zipper Bag
    • Skin Non Woven Bag
    • Red Non Woven Bag
    • Pocket Non Woven Bag
    • Nice Non woven Bag
    • Three Color of Non Woven Bag
    • Blue Non Woven Bag
    • White Non Woven Bag
    • Sky Blue Non Woven Bag
    • Royal Blue Non woven Bag
    • Yellow Non Woven Bag
    • Gray Non Woven Bag
    • Green Non Woven Bag
    • Four Colors Non Woven Bag
    • Different Color Non Woven Bag
  • Jute Front Window Bags
    • Front Window Jute Bags
    • Drawstring Bags
  • Aprons
    • Natural Aprons
    • Black Aprons
    • Aprons with White Straps
  • I Love Bags in Cotton,Canvas & Jute
    • I Love Puzzler Canvas Bag
    • America Canvas Bags
    • I Love Amsterdam Canvas Bags
    • Canvas Bags
    • I Love Earth Canvas Bags
    • I Love Fish Bags
    • Italy Canvas Bags
    • I Love Miami Canvas Bags
    • I Love No One Canvas Bags
    • I Love Ohio Canvas Bags
    • Paris Canvas Bags
    • Shopping Canvas Bags
    • Tibet Canvas Bags
    • I Love America Turkey Bags
    • I Love Roma Canvas Bags
    • I Love Vodka Canvas Bags
    • Bags In Jute
    • I Love Amsterdam Bags
    • I Love Puerto Rico Bags
  • Bread Bag
    • Natural Cotton Drawstring Bags
  • Jute bag
    • Plain Jute Bag
    • Strawberry Printed Jute Bags
    • Jute Shopper Bags
    • Bamboo Can Jute Bag
    • D Can Jute Bag
    • Embroidered Jute Bag
    • Different Colored Jute Bag
    • London Symbol Black Jute Bag
    • I Love London Jute Bag
    • Wild Bakery Jute Bag
    • Coles Jute Bag
    • Fine Jute Bag
    • Cane Handle Jute Bag
    • Jute Handle Bag
    • Red Colored Handle Jute Bag
    • White Design Jute Bag
    • Pattern Design Jute Bag
    • Printed Sun Symbol Jute Bag
    • Black Jute Bags
    • Different Colored Jute Bag
    • Green Jute Bag
    • Ladies Bag
    • Fancy Jute Bags
    • Velg Pink Jute Bag
    • Design Jute Bag
    • Velg Green Jute Bag
    • Blue Jute Bag
    • Gray Colored Jute Bag
    • Leaves Printed Jute Bag
    • Fructis Jute Bag
    • Different Stitching Jute Bags
    • Star Backet Jute Bag
    • Long Handle Jute Bag
    • Jute Golden Pouch Jute Bag
    • Printed Jute Bag
    • Jute Mini Bag
    • Cord Handle Jute Bags
    • Fruits Jute Bag
  • Nwpp bag
    • Non Woven Bags In Different Colors
  • Fancy Jute Bags for Lunch
  • Laundry Bags for Hotels
  • Promotional Jute Bags for Rice Packing
  • Jute Carry Bag
    • Printed Jute Bag
    • Clair Jute Bag
    • Laminated Jute Bags
    • Jute Black Brown Bag
    • Red Jute Bags
    • Peach Colored Jute Bag
    • Jute Pouch Small Size
    • Jute Bag Black Gusset
  • Carry Bag
    • Yellow Calico Bag
    • Cotton Shopper Long Handle Bags
    • Black Cotton Bread Bag
    • Printed Promotional Bag
  • Laundry Bags
    • Cotton Laundry Bags
    • Laundry Bags
    • Picture Printed Laundry Bag
    • Green Color Laundry Bag
    • White Color Laundry Bag
    • Printed Laundry Bag
    • Printed Laundry Bag with Shoulder Handles
    • Laundry Printed Bag
    • Cotton Laundry Bag
    • Royal Blue Color Laundry Bag

Primary Competitive Advantage

Due to our huge industrial experience, we offer all goods in adhering to industrial quality standards. Our positive business traits that are widely appreciated by our patrons are as below:

  • Domain skillfulness
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Large product line
  • Good financial position
  • Customized solutions
  • Prompt deliveries
  • Client satisfaction
207, Rajdanga Purbapara, Kolkata - 700107, West Bengal, India
Phone :+917259650456
Mr. Amit Jaiswal (CEO)
Mobile :+917259650456

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